Transition Year students venture to Achill

Early on the morning of the 26th of September, a bus full of sleepy TY students embarked on their journey to Achill Island. We did not know quite what was ahead of us but we were looking forward to this out of school experience. After a very long bus ride, we finally arrived at Colaiste Acla. Straight away we were divided by gender into two houses where we were given a place to sleep and much needed food. We quickly settled in before we were whisked away and split into two groups to try our different activities.

One group had a pleasant surfing experience. For some of us - getting up on the surf board was a challenge but with the support of our friends we soon improved. The other group had an unexpected meeting as they plunged into the water while cliff jumping. They were greeted by a swarm of jelly fish. Luckily the jelly fish were not of the Portuguese Man of War variety. Most students handled the situation well, despite the odd sting here or there. Thank goodness for the wetsuits which protected us. One or two may or may not have screamed hysterically – but that was all part of the fun. After a great dinner (where luckily seconds were on offer) we attended our first Ceili where we danced and had great crack.

On the next day the groups swapped activities. The surfers, of the previous day, headed with trepidation for the jelly fish invested waters at the cliff face. Overnight through the retelling of the cliff jumping escapade the jellyfish had grown in the imaginations of students and they were simply enormous. They survived and in the afternoon we all completed team building exercises. After another fun filled day, we went to the second Ceili where we participated in games with another school. The last day was a great end to a wonderful experience. One group splashed around in a hole full of mud and took on an array of obstacles in a bog. The other group went on a scenic river gorge walk, wading through a river and sliding down waterfalls, the activity ended with each participation being renamed with river names such as lightening rod and Spartacus.

Overall Achill was an amazing experience which we would all love to have again. We had great fun and had the opportunity to get to know people we hadn’t really known well before, but a little advice for future TYs - don’t burn the toast!!!!

Transition Year Transition Year students venture to Achill