School ICT Update

ICT Update

computersLast year the Department of Education sanctioned grant funding for us to upgrade the level of ICT in the school. Over the last few months we have made a large investment in upgrading the hardware in the school with each teacher receiving a new laptop and Visualiser. New memory and software has been upgraded in the computer room with all students now using Microsoft Office 2010. Every classroom in the school now has a laptop a digital projector and a 24w speaker system.

With reference to Internet safety we have now also installed a comprehensive internet filtering system into the school. We have joined the Schools Broadband Network which operates the FortiGuard Web Filtering Service from Fortinet. This is a hosted service designed to provide Web URL filtering for schools, libraries, government agencies and enterprise businesses of all sizes. What this means is that websites accessed in this Schools Broadband Network go through a level of filtering to ensure that inappropriate sites are excluded and a "Web Page Blocked" message is displayed.

This now means that access to facebook, other social networking sites and any inappropriate internet has been curtailed. Where a website is in a category not allowed on the Schools Broadband Network but it is deemed that the website should be made available to schools, that website may be added to a Whitelist. All websites listed in the Whitelist are made available to schools.

Updating the Web site and the notice board

For the last few Mondays, Jim O'Sullivan from O'Sullivan Software Solutions has came in to the TY computer class on a Monday morning to teach us how to update and upload information on to the school website and the newly installed digital notice board. After these classes, TY's will be willing to receive any relevant information that could be uploaded. Please forward any information to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

New IT Helpdesk

For all IT Problems please use the IT helpdesk button located under resources. Please fill in as much details as you can and they will be looked after that week. If the problem is extremely urgent then please contact Collette and she can contact the IT helpdesk by phone.

Parent-Teacher Meeting

A Parent-Teacher Meeting for 3rd and 5th Yr. students will take place on Wednesday November 18th, between 1.45 and 3.40 pm

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