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Fionn Harrington-Hot Press Competition Winner

The Write Touch

DSC 0061 - CopyThe Write Touch in association with ALCATEL ONE TOUCH is an exciting new search for writing talent that aims to give secondary school and third-level students experience in the industry. Over a month ago Hot Press magazine received thousands of entries to their “The Write Touch” competition. Applicants had to write up to 300 words – and strictly no more – about any music subject that they were interested in. They could write about their favourite artist, review an album or live gig, discuss trends or vent your views about any aspect of music you like – or dislike! Hot Press whittled down their shortlist to just 40 across four categories of the competition. The Hot Press team of Editor Niall Stokes, deputy editor Stuart Clark and writer Craig Fitzpatrick were joined by Booker Prize winning author Anne Enright and Royseven lead vocalist and TV presenter Paul Walsh to choose the winners. The public had their say too, adding their precious votes to the mix and out of all of that our winner was picked-Fionn Harrington, 4th year student in St Joseph’s Secondary School. Fionn will now receive a two-week internship at Hotpress where a host of Ireland's leading media figures, journalists, novelists and creative writers began their careers. In addition, he will receive a €250 cash prize and an ALCATEL ONE TOUCH IDOL ULTRA, which comes loaded with an 8 Megapixel camera, large, intuitive touch screen and a host of essential apps.

 Fionn is a 16 year old musician and singer. He is currently recording an album that consists primarily of original songs. Fionn’s passions include film and writing and sees a career for himself within the music industry. His article is about imagining a world without music. Congratulations Fionn, on this fantastic achievement from all at St Joseph’s


Fionn's Winning Article-Have a read yourself!

Consider a world without music. An impossible task? But go on, imagine the unthinkable-where there is no channel for your passion, anger, grief, joy, desire. No soundtrack for your emotions. To be unable to zone out to your happy place through the music in your ears-a world where there are no notes, chords, drumbeats…….Where one simple pluck of a string or a blow on a whistle can be so perfect on so many different levels, and different each time you hear it. Where one vocal chord can pull on the heartstrings and make your hair stand on end. Where the guttural roar of a distorted guitar can make your blood boil in fiery passion. Or as they say in Almost Famous “to love a silly little piece of music so much it hurts”.

 When you dance to the beat all night long until your legs give out. To study every lyric of your favourite song to find endlessly different meanings. To scream every word along with your favourite band until your throat is raw.

 Music is one of the strongest forces on the planet. It can unite a million strangers who have nothing in common but their love of music. How everyone can have one favourite artist who they will follow religiously unto salvation. Take my favourite band since I was eight-Green Day. Their songs, lyrics, vocals, guitar-bass-drum and the personality of Billie Joe Armstrong all seem to sing to me and me alone.

 Music is essential to the world in so many different ways. How ten people can listen to the same piece of music and all feel something different, from love to hate and all in-between. But each would say the same-they could not consider a world without music.




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