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TY Trip to Paris. 2013

TY Trip to Paris. 2013

Paris Trip


On the 22nd of March 2013 both transition year classes travelled to Paris. We had an early start, meeting at the school at 6am. Then we had the long journey ahead of us to Dublin airport, arriving at 9.30. We boarded the plane with fierce excitement ready for our much anticipated trip to Paris.

When we arrived at the hotel, we settled into our rooms for about half an hour. Shortly afterwards we headed off on “le metro” to a restaurant for something to eat with Mr O’Loghlin as our trusty tour guide. His knowledge of Paris was greatly appreciated by all. We sat down to a lovely dinner followed by a French delicacy of escargot (snails). There were mixed reviews on the snails; some saying that they weren’t too bad while others were left revolted by the taste. We then travelled by foot to the world-renowned Eiffel Tower. Standing under the tower itself made us realise just how big it was and looking down from the peak of the tower at the breath-taking view was an experience we’ll never forget. We then turned in for the night after an amazing experience.

The next day, after breakfast at the hotel, we headed off for the Palace of Versailles. We were blown away by the intricate detail in each room of the palace. After Versailles, we travelled by train to the Louvre, eager to see the most talked about paintings in the world. Later that afternoon, we arrived at Pizza Hut set and ready to devour slice upon slice of pizza. After some well-needed grub, we set off for a boat trip on the Seine. The cruise allowed us to sit back and really take in the beauty of Paris.

Our most anticipated day of the trip had finally arrived; we were finally going to Disneyland! We all had a few hours to go on some rides and explore the park before our dinner in Planet Hollywood. Disneyland surpassed all our expectations, the most popular rides being Space Mountain and Indiana Jones. With time to spare we visited Notre Dame and the Latin Quarter where we got to absorb the atmosphere of Paris nightlife. We slept soundly on our last night, sad to be returning home the next day.

Our last few hours in Paris were spent shopping on The Champs Elysees. We even spotted some of the Spanish football team! We boarded a bus to the airport at the Bastille Opera house, got our luggage together and flew home at 8:30pm, sad that the four amazing days had come to an end.

Article written by: Ailbhe Kearney, Amy Tuohy and Aileen Moloney (TY)

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