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A Letter from Kenya

To the Principal, Staff and students of Scoil Joseph, Tulla,

Warm greetings to all of you from St. Michael's Secondary school in Mukuru, Nairobi.

This letter of thanks to you is long overdue as we send our very sincere appreciation for your hard work and generosity in raising funds for our school. A special thanks to Donna (Ms Fitzgerald)and Deirdre (Ms Hogan) for your commitment to the fund-raising marathon undertaken last December. I know that you surpassed yourselves this time 'round against all odds. Mile buiochas.

Here we have been struggling with temperatures of 30 degrees but hoping for cooler weather soon. We expect to get some rain by April, all going well. Our last rain feel in December so plenty of dust floating in the air.

We have begun a new school year in January with eighty six new students into Form 1. All are looking smart in their new school uniforms and eager to learn. Unfortunately we had to refuse another eighty students due to lack of space. We completed the building of four extra classrooms to increase our capacity, but we still can't cater for the high demand. Education is expensive and essential for young people if they are to lift themselves out of the poverty of the slums. Your contribution has enabled us to take in an extra forty five students over and above last year's class. This will make a huge difference to their future lives.

Right now we are getting ready for presidential and general elections in the country. We are all praying and hoping for peace since our last elections in 2008 caused huge loss of life and many families burned out of their homes. We have been warned to stock up and stay indoors next week. Our contacts have been registered with the Irish Embassy in case of emergency. So we will be glued to the T.V. in the hope of peaceful elections. If you have a spare moment, offer it up for peace in Kenya at this time.

I know that many of you students are moving towards the end of the school year with exams in the offing. I want to wish you all the very best and pray that your generosity will be rewarded, in kind.

Blessings and good wishes to all of you.

Sr. Angela Hartigan

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