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TY and Fourth Year trip to Manchester

TY and Fourth Year trip to Manchester; 1st April – 4th April

mancOn the 1st of April, Transition Year and a number of fourth year students travelled to Manchester. It was an early start, as we all met at the school at 3.20a.m. Despite the tiredness we were all excited, but still slept for most of the journey to Dublin Port. When we arrived we boarded the four hour ferry to Holyhead.

When we arrived in Holyhead we made the journey to “Go Ballistic” paintballing centre in Wales. Once we arrived everyone changed into clothes they didn’t mind getting covered in paint. The instructor briefed us on the rules, we got our guns and paint and left to enjoy ourselves. Apart from a lot of nasty bruises, including a few to Mr. Ryan’s head, everyone had a great time. We left at about 5 o’clock and made our way to the hotel where we had dinner soon after we arrived.

Copy_of_DSC02085Day two was all about Old Trafford but before we got there we went to a Science and Industry museum, after we ended up walking in a circle in the town to kill time because the museum wasn’t open when we got there. But when it did open we were left to our own devices to explore the expeditions for an hour. Then we made our way to Old Trafford for our tour of the stadium. We were told the history of the stadium and shown around the grounds, then had a trip to the Old Trafford Megastore, before going to the Trafford shopping centre to shop till we dropped.

Copy_of_DSC02089 It was another early start on day three as we had an hour and a half journey to Alton Towers Theme Park. Everyone agreed that it was a great day, even the teachers; however some weren’t as daring as others when it came to going on the rides. That evening we went bowling, where there was a lot of competitiveness among everyone, with some students not expecting the winners and then rudely making it known…. Later that night, as three of the students were celebrating their birthday’s, we all got together to wish them happy birthday and give them a card.

The last day of the tour was spent travelling, a lot of which was unexpectedly spent stuck in traffic for hours and not going anywhere. We were their so long that we ended up watching a D.V.D, and even that didn’t take up a lot of the time. But luckily we weren’t the only ones stuck in traffic, so the boat was delayed and we just about made it. If we didn’t we would have been in Manchester for another day. But the crossing wasn’t plain sailing as the sea was really rough and quite a few people were very sea sick. Once in Ireland the students decided it was the right time to present the teachers and bus driver with gifts to say thank you, and these were greatly appreciated. Then it was time to make the long trek home, and it was clear that the tiredness was getting to a few people as they were even confused about where we were, so a lot of people decided to sleep for a while. However as we neared home it was time to break out the song book, but that didn’t last very long as one song in particular that was completely made up seemed to dominate, and slowly evolved into many different versions but was great all the same.

Soon we were back at the school and it was time to go home but not without another thank you to Ms. Lonergan for organizing the trip, Ms. Liddy, Ms. Mulhern, Mr Ryan and Bernie for giving up some of the holidays for us, and Pat the bus driver for driving us everywhere. We had a great time and would definitely go again if given the opportunity.

Article written by Emma Hehir (TY)

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